Commencement Team Leaders

Volunteer Assignment

Team Leader(s)

Academic Procession—assembling of candidates for the degrees Josh Brandfon – Students
Heather Stevens – Faculty
Ann Calix – Check-In & Out
Alumni Relations—Alumni marshals and seating Lauren Franquiz
Events Management (Overall Volunteers) Alba Carreras-Vazquez
Montserrat Fisher
Watsco Center (Venue) Nikolas Georgatos
Golf Carts—guest transport Chris Booth
Greeters and Special Needs—assisting parents and guests

Joselyn Garcia
Elena Fajardo

Information Tent Carly Smith
Parking & Transportation Logistics Doris Enamorado
Dena Chism
Peggy Servance-Mason
President’s Procession and Stage Party Assembly—assembling of stage party Gail Cole-Avent
Jennifer Rau
Volunteer Resource Center
(Radio Room)—main checkpoint for volunteer information
Belkis Aprigliano
Beth Hudson
Receptions—school and college receptions aside from the ceremony Esther Augustin
Shuttle Buses—guest transport Thierry Bien-Aime
Suites—reserved seating *Maria Segredo
Katerine Hadfeg
University Communications—media liaisons *Megan Ondrizek
VIP Lobby—special needs entrance Ivette Mancha
VIP Seating—reserved guest seating Milenis Martinez