General Information/Policies & Procedures

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  • Where can I get information about the Commencement exercises?

    All activities related to Commencement are managed by the Office of Commencement. For details and information including ceremony times, location, and cap and gown ordering can be found on the commencement website under Ceremony Information. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at commencement@miami.edu.

  • When is commencement?

    There are two commencements annually: Fall Commencement held in December and Spring Commencement held in May. All students who wish to participate in commencement must apply to graduate via CaneLink by the deadline. Students who are scheduled to complete their degree requirements in Fall should apply during the fall semester and participate in the ceremony in December. Students who are scheduled to complete their degree requirements in Spring or Summer should apply during the spring semester and participate in the ceremony in May. For full details please click here.

  • Are the University of Miami policies and procedures still in effect during commencement?

    We know this is an exciting time for you and your families attending the ceremony. We want to support your achievements and your special day; however, University of Miami policies and procedures are still in effect throughout all commencement ceremonies. Failure to adhere to our current policies could result in disciplinary action, including the withholding of your degree. Thank you for your cooperation. Dean of Students Office.

  • Can I walk in a different ceremony?

    In certain circumstances students will be allowed to walk in a ceremony other than the one held in the semester in which they complete their degree requirements. Acceptable circumstances include: study abroad; full-time internships/employment; summer graduation with deferred ceremony (some summer graduates elect to delay their participation in commencement until December). If you wish to participate in a ceremony other than the one in which your degree will be completed, please visit the application for graduation page for details. ALL other candidates must apply online via CaneLink.

  • Is there any cost for graduation?

    The University of Miami covers all costs for all graduates’ regalia. Students are only responsible for the shipping fee. After the ceremony, the regalia is yours to keep or recycle. Students have the option to purchase graduation invitations and announcements, diploma frames and other graduation gifts.

  • Will there be any professional photographers?

    Yes, GradImages photographers will be at commencement and will take a picture of each graduate as they walk across the stage. A complimentary copy of the photo taken as the graduate is congratulated by the President will be mailed to the graduates at the address listed on the reader card, along with instructions to order additional prints. After the event, photo proofs will be available to view on the GradImages website. Personal photographs may be taken only before and after the ceremony. No one is permitted in the aisles during the ceremony.

  • Will the ceremony be broadcast live?

    Yes. Visit the livestream website on the day of the ceremony to watch the webcast event.

  • What do I wear?

    There is no formal dress code; however, it is recommended the graduate dress for a special occasion. All graduates must wear their gowns fully zipped throughout the entirety of the ceremony. Graduates may not carry, display, or wear on their person any banners, signs, flags (this does not include international stoles), or similar items during the ceremony. Caps may be decorated, but all images and words must be in good taste and free of profanity. Commencement staff reserves the right to require that any graduate alter part of their regalia prior to participating in the ceremony (including caps, gowns, tassels, hoods, stoles, and cords).

  • I have other questions. Who do I call?

    You may contact the Office of Commencement at (305) 284-1824 or commencement@miami.edu.

Eligibility, Degree, & Diploma

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Venue and Ticketing

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Graduation Products

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Graduate Information

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  • As a graduate, what time should I arrive and where do I go?

    Graduates should arrive at least one hour prior to ceremony start time. All graduates must arrive fully dressed and wearing their hoods (this includes Doctoral, M.D. & Law students). If you missed the deadline to order cap and gown, extra cap and gown will be available at the graduate check-in area. Graduate entrance is located at the Watsco Center Multipurpose Room.

  • What happens at graduate check-in?

    At the graduate check-in area graduates will receive their name card. The back of your name card must be filled out using the pens provided. Graduates also have the opportunity to make edits to the way your name is displayed by visiting the troubleshooting table. Herff Jones will also be on site for any cap and gown issues. Graduates will also be able to purchase the stole of gratitude ($25 credit card only).

  • What happens if my name or Latin Honor is incorrect on my card?

    Latin honors are awarded to bachelor's degree candidates only. All Latin honors at commencement are based on your previous semesters GPA. The Office of the Registrar will be present at graduate check-in to assist with any questions regarding Latin honors.

  • What happens during the ceremony? Do graduates walk across the stage?

    All graduates physically present will walk across the stage and have their name read aloud and displayed on the screen. You will receive a diploma cover as you walk up to the stage. Graduates will take a photo with the president. No handshaking with the president or Dean is allowed.

    Doctoral students will not be hooded on stage and should arrive wearing their hood.

  • How long will the ceremony last?

    Each ceremony will last approximately 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on the total number of graduates attending.

  • Where do graduates sit? Are the seats assigned or can I sit near my friends?

    All graduates will be physically distanced and seated on the floor of the arena. Graduates are seated with their classmates according to school or college and degree level. Graduates are not seated alphabetically or by specific degrees.

Guest Information

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Special Needs

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Other Celebrations

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