Ibis Yearbook

The national award-winning Ibis Yearbook is distributed free to the student body every September after graduation.

Graduation Portraits

Ibis Yearbook makes it easy for seniors to take their graduation portraits. Regalia will be provided for the portrait session. Graduating seniors must schedule an appointment. A $25 sitting fee is required in cash. To schedule your appointment or learn more, please visit ibisyearbook.com.  

Celebratory Ads

The Ibis Yearbook offers family and friends the opportunity to honor graduating students through celebratory ads. The yearbook will publish a photo of the graduate with a special message. This personalized message will remind the graduate of how proud you are and is something they will reflect upon for years to come. Visit ibisyearbook.com for more details.

Get Your Senior Yearbook

The yearbook is distributed annually in the beginning of the fall semester on campus. If you graduated in the previous year the Ibis Yearbook will ship your copy for FREE when available. To receive your FREE copy of the yearbook, contact Ibis Yearbook.