Application for Graduation

Application for Graduation Dates and Deadlines

Spring/Summer 2021 Graduation application period: February 16 - March 16, 2021

Students who plan to complete their degree requirements in the spring or summer semester are eligible to apply on CaneLink.

Eligible students apply on CaneLink

Students should apply to graduate via Canelink during the appropriate semester regardless of intent to participate in commencement to verify important information regarding graduation and diplomas.

Attendance and Eligibility

Students must apply online via CaneLink to participate in the ceremony. Fall graduates are eligible to apply during the fall semester and participate in Fall Commencement in December. Spring and Summer graduates are eligible to apply during the spring semester and should participate in Spring Commencement in May. Summer graduates may elect to defer participation in May and return to walk in the following Fall Commencement in December. Students who need to walk earlier than their designated graduation semester should contact the Office of Commencement or their academic advisor for details.

The final awarding of degrees and honors is contigent upon the satisfactory completion of the appropriate requirements by each candidate. The listing of a student's name in the printed program in no way implies or ensures his or her graduation or the award of honors. Diplomas are issued post-graduation by the Office of the Registrar.

If you have any questions regarding eligibility contact your school/college advisor.

Application for Graduation Details

During the application process students will select the semester for degree completion, verify their name for printing on the diploma and publishing in the commencement program book, update mailing address preferences for the diploma, and complete the commencement ceremony registration. After completing the CaneLink application, students will receive information for ordering cap and gown. Commencement registration details collected include:

  • Permission to print your name in the commencement program book and virtual ceremony.
  • Doctoral students will verify additional information for inclusion in the program book: prior degrees earned, major, dissertation title, and advisor name. Do not submit the application with incorrect or incomplete details.

Please carefully review the details of your application before submitting. Any name changes other than abbreviating or removing a middle name must be requested in person with the Office of the Registrar. Official legal documentation may be required. More information regarding name changes is listed on the Office of the Registrar site.

Walking at Commencement Before Graduation Date

Students who will not complete their degree requirements until the upcoming term (Fall 2021) and cannot participate in the December 2021 ceremony may R.S.V.P. and order their cap and gown through the manual form which will open on February 16. CaneLink can only be used during the semester of your degree completion eligibility.

Cane ID will be required for the early participant registration. Examples of use of this form include:

  • Students walking early due to Plus One scholarships
  • Final semester study abroad/internship

If you need clarification on when to apply contact the Office of the Registrar at (305) 284-2294 or the Office of Commencement at (305) 284-1824.


Ceremony Schedules

The Fall Commencement Ceremony held in December is intended for students completing their degree requirements in the fall semester. The Spring Commencement Ceremonies held in May are intended for students completing their degree requirements during the current spring or upcoming summer semester*. If you are unable to participate in Commencement during the appropriate semester due to other obligations and would like to walk at an earlier or later date, please contact the Office of Commencement directly at or (305) 284-1824 for further instruction and to order your cap and gown.

*Please note there is NO summer commencement ceremony. Summer graduates should walk in the Spring Ceremony in May prior to degree completion, and apply to graduate via CaneLink during the spring semester.