Parking, Directions, and Map

All Commencement Ceremonies are held at the Watsco Center located at 1245 Dauer Drive in Coral Gables, Florida. Parking passes or permits are not required for any of our commencement parking lots. No handicap passes are needed for the Special Needs Lot.

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Commencement Ceremony Parking

Parking areas are conveniently located near the Watsco Center on the Coral Gables campus. Please refer to the color-coded parking map for commencement ceremony parking locations. Commencement guests are encouraged to park at the following locations:

  • Pavia Garage located at 5615 Pavia St, Coral Gables, FL 33146
  • Brown Zone Garage located at 5501 Merrick St, Coral Gables, FL 33146
  • Lot 425 N and S located adjacent to the Watsco Center at 1245 Dauer Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33146

Parking at Ponce de Leon Garage is reserved for patients of the Lennar Foundation Medical Center only and will be strictly enforced during commencement. Commencement guests should utilize Pavia and Merrick Garages or the Serpentine Lot (425 N and S) adjacent to the Watsco Center for the most convenient parking.

Guests may also park in any other campus surface lots, except for Blue and Purple permit zones. Please note city officials will enforce all metered parking on campus and at the University Metrorail station.

Please Note: Schools and colleges may host receptions for their graduates and guests. More detailed information on reception locations and recommended parking will be available approximately 6 weeks prior to commencement. You also may contact the school or college directly for more details.

Special Needs Parking

Special Needs Parking is located adjacent to the Watsco Center at the Serpentine Lot (425 N and S) adjacent to the Watsco Center on Walsh Avenue. Handicap Parking Decals are needed. Please advise the parking attendant that your guest has special needs for access to the lot. There will be golf carts shuttling guests who cannot walk long distances to and from the Watsco Center from surrounding surface lots and the Pavia and Merrick Garages. Golf carts are reserved for guests with special needs only.

For more information on Special Needs accommodations please visit the accessibility page.

Directions to the Watsco Center on the Coral Gables Campus

Directions from the NORTH

  • Take US-1/South Dixie Highway south to Stanford Drive
    • Turn right on Stanford Drive
    • Turn left on Ponce de Leon Boulevard
    • Make a right turn on Merrick Drive

Directions from the SOUTH

  • Take US-1/South Dixie Highway north to South Alhambra Circle
    • Turn left on South Alhambra Circle
    • Turn right on Ponce de Leon Boulevard
    • Make a left turn on Dickinson Drive